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      List of animals moving from Bristol Zoo to the Wild Place

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 22, 2023

      Animal fans are looking forward to the grand opening of the updated Wild Place Project as all the creatures from Bristol Zoo travel to their new home.

      Cribbs Causeway Zoo is currently open, but will soon welcome a host of new furry friends as the animals make their big trek across town to their big new enclosures.

      Bristol Zoo closed its doors in Clifton for the last time in September, marking the end of 186 years of the attraction in our city. Construction of the new site at Wild Place, at junction 17 of the M5, is expected to start in 2024 and be phased in over several years. Today it has been revealed which animals will live there.

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      Here is the list of creatures that move:

      50 species have been confirmed to move from Bristol Zoo Gardens to the new site, including blue-eyed black lemurs, lemur leaf frog and Corfu killifish. These will be joined by new additions from other zoos and aquariums around the world, such as two black rhinos, a North African red-necked ostrich and a Grevy’s zebra.

      Rare tree-kangaroo Joey first emerges from his mother’s pouch

      There will be a new central African forest area, home to several critically endangered and endangered species, including gorillas, cherry-crowned mangabey monkeys, slender-snouted crocodiles, and several rare species of West African fish. There will also be a new underwater viewing area.


      Brian Zimmerman, director of conservation and science at the Bristol Zoological Society, which owns and operates the Wild Place Project and Bristol Zoo Gardens, said: “We’ve developed our animal species plan so that we can really focus our resources on the animals that need it most. our help and maximize the impact we make on wildlife conservation.”


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