Meet the Bristol teen hairstylist who’s becoming a TikTok phenomenon

A teenage barber from Bristol is fast becoming a TikTok and Instagram phenomenon, performing outside of schools and offering free haircuts.

Shaq’ille Fearon is just 16 and still in school, but he’s about to rack up half a million likes on TikTok for his videos showing what happens when he sets up his barber chair outside the school gates and take out the scissors.

Huge crowds of young people gather, so much so that the police were called on one occasion, because people feared something bad was going on, and at another school, a teacher even offered to sit on the chair and get a good cut.

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Going by the social media handle @barbershaq, the young barber is fast becoming a social media phenomenon in Bristol, and has already signed on as a rising star with a management contract.

During the day, he’s in Year 11 studying for his GCSEs, but after school and on Saturdays, the 16-year-old works shifts at St Pauls’ famous Supertonic barbershop on Ashley Road.

On his afternoons and nights off, he has been visiting various schools in Bristol, causing scenes as young pupils clamor to see his clipper skills.


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