Paul Ince’s response to being under pressure as Reading FC boss before the game against Bristol City

Paul Ince says he does not feel under any additional pressure as Reading FC manager ahead of the last eight games of the season.

The Royals are 18th in the Championship table as it stands, but are expected to have six points deducted “imminently”, which would see them drop to three points from the relegation zone.

In addition to the threat of going down, the manager has numerous injuries in his squad to deal with as he prepares his players for Saturday’s game at Bristol City.

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Reading fans have been particularly frustrated in recent weeks and months as the team failed to capitalize on a strong start to the season. They have won just two of their previous 14 games, a streak that includes four losses in the last five.

But Ince says his focus is on what happens on the pitch and racking up enough points in the coming weeks to preserve the club’s second-tier status for the tenth year running.

“I don’t feel under pressure, not really,” he said at his pre-match news conference at lunchtime on Thursday. “The pressure is when you can’t feed your kids after going out and doing a 9-5.

“This is a job you should enjoy. I’m sitting here feeling like we’ve done our job (ensuring survival) but at the same time, we haven’t done our job (due to point deduction). And it’s through no fault of our own. but we have to pick up the pieces and that’s what we have to try to do.”


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