Randall Consolidated School, Bristol School to host referendum briefings on Tuesday evening

Two school districts in Kenosha County will host public briefings Tuesday on referendums to be voted on by voters next month.

Both Bristol School and Randall School have referendums on their spring ballots on April 4 and hope residents will attend informational sessions to ask questions and discuss why the funds are needed.

randall school

Randall Consolidated School will hold its referendum information session Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the school library, 37101 87th St.

The session will discuss a capital funding referendum not to exceed $9.5 million for proposed district improvement projects.

Work would include an addition to the main entrance to create a single, controlled school entrance; expand student, staff, and family services area, as well as school office and meeting space, including nurse’s office, sick ward, guidance/counselor offices, staff wellness room , the space for family gatherings and the work room; provide camera system upgrades, upgrade the HVAC ventilation system, as well as do roof replacement, siding and door repairs. It would also fund underground pipe repairs, fixture replacements, valve replacements, electrical panel upgrades, upgrade remaining light fixtures to LEDs, and expand staff and visitor parking.

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Site upgrades are proposed to improve drop off and pick up operations and relocate dedicated parking for district buses.

Randall School District voters are also being asked to approve a referendum allowing the district to exceed its budget by $900,000 over four years for non-recurring operating purposes.

Since the debt will be retired in 2024-25, it is estimated that the Randall School District’s tax rate (which is used to calculate the District’s portion of property taxes) will remain stable after the new measures are added. referendum questions.

Tours of the buildings will be conducted after the meeting.

For additional information, Randall School District residents may contact Bob Antholine or access the district’s website at www.randall.k12.wi.us and click on the “referendum 2023” tab.

bristol school

Bristol School will hold its informational meeting in the school library, 19801 83rd St. Tuesday at 6 pm Attendees are asked to enter through door #2 located in the 83rd Street parking lot.

This session will review Wisconsin school eligibility and income limits along with Bristol’s comparisons related to interest rate, tax rate, and inflation.

Money is tight for many people right now, so the last thing you want to do is spend cash without even knowing it.

Voters of the Bristol School District are asked if the district can exceed the revenue limit by $800,000 per year for three years beginning with the 2023-2024 school year and ending with the 2025-2026 school year. The funds will be for non-recurring purposes consisting of expenses to support and maintain current operating and maintenance practices.

Bristol school officials say this is not a tax increase, but simply authorizes the district to exceed the state revenue limit. The district would have the funds without a tax increase if the voters allow it because the district used funds authorized by a prior capital lien to pay down the debt. So instead of using the already available tax revision for that debt, it could be used for current maintenance and operational needs if the district passes the referendum in April.

More information about the referendum can be found online at https://www.bristol.k12.wi.us/district/ballot-question-2023.cfm.


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