Remembering the ‘chaotic’ day a jumbo jet skidded down the M5

Around this time two years ago, the Southwest held its breath as local businessman Johnny Palmer took on his biggest challenge yet. The owner of Warleigh Weir came up with the crazy idea of ​​driving a Boeing 727 down the M5 motorway, and he pulled it off.

People from Gloucestershire, Somerset and Bristol flocked to see the show unfold. It was quite an event and all so that Mr. Palmer could have a proper office for his Brislington business, Pytch.

The entire drama was “absolute chaos” but a publicity stunt that paid off and left the name “Johnny Palmer” on everyone’s lips that day. For a whopping £100,000, you now have one of the most exclusive boardrooms in the world.

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The tech entrepreneur discovered the private jet from the 1970s in an “aircraft graveyard” in the Cotswolds and decided to “upcycle” it into an office. The aircraft was built in 1968 and used by Japan Airlines before passing into private hands in the mid-1970s.

New, it would have cost £40 million, but (since it had no wings or engine) Johnny got a £100,000 deal. After months of planning, on Saturday 27 February the wingless and tailless airframe was strapped to a lorry and driven down the M4, M5 and M32 from Kemble.

Johnny, then 38, said: “It was absolute chaos, everything! The trailer went through a pothole in the track and we got stuck at some of the corners and junctions.”


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