South Gloucestershire’s potholes are so bad it ‘would take 742 years’ to fix them all

It will take South Gloucestershire Council 742 years to repair its dilapidated roads and potholes, government figures suggest. Data from the Department for Transport (DfT) shows the local authority is even worse than Bristol, which this month was named and shamed as England’s pothole capital.

Yate Lib Dem city councilor Chris Willmore crunched the numbers and calculated that it will take around 10 lifetimes to fix the problems across the borough. The authority’s Conservative leader, Cllr Toby Savage, admitted they had more work to do, but the administration had committed an extra £1m in the budget, set out in February, to improve the condition of roads and pavements, so who said the Liberal Democrats refused to vote. .

Ms Willmore told the South Gloucestershire Council cabinet: “You probably breathed a sigh of relief this month when Bristol was dubbed the worst authority in the country for pothole repair.

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“But if you look at the data, that’s because South Gloucestershire was dropped from the leaderboard because you hadn’t returned one of the data bits.

“When you go back to the raw data released by the Government, it shows that South Glos is doing worse than the worst authority in the country.

“You have more length of A-road than Bristol, but you only managed to repair a third of it.


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