The cheese-inspired restaurant with one of the only fondue nights in Bristol

Bristol’s first cheese-inspired restaurant has just made its offering even more impressive by launching a special fondue night. The cheese plate located in Vincent on Redland Hill is making a splash in the Bristol food scene with a menu that celebrates the best of British cheese.

Founded by Joshua Doyle, the restaurant first opened in November and offers a fine dining experience centered around some of the best cheeses in the country. Menus feature some of the best local produce for brunch, lunch, dinner and Sunday roasts, now with an added fondue night every Thursday.

“Our head chef did extensive research on existing recipes, both classic and contemporary, before settling on our initial mix. Thanks to our cheese library, not all of that research was online,” said Josh, restaurant owner.

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The fondue is made from a blend of Gruyère AOP, Emmenthal and Pitchfork Cheddar from Trethowan’s Dairy in Somerset. It comes with a selection of vegetable and meat-friendly sauces, including sourdough bread, pickles, roast potatoes, and chorizo.

The fondue and dippers, priced at £18/£20 per head(Image: The Cheese Plate)

Thursday fondue night is currently extremely limited and is £18 or £20 a head for a vegetarian or meat fondue. At the moment, there are no plans to extend the fondue night, as it works best on a more relaxed night of the week.

“I can’t imagine serving fondue in the hustle and bustle of a Saturday night, for example. If people really want to come and enjoy our fondue, they’ll find time to join us on a Thursday,” Josh said.


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