The petition seeks to change the way the city defines ‘adult entertainment’

BRISTOL, RI (WPRI) — Members of the Bristol City Council will hear a petition asking the council to change the definition of “adult entertainment.”

The proposed change would expand the language and has already caught the attention of the ACLU of Rhode Island, which says it is “strongly opposed” to the amendment.

The petitioner requests that the definition of the term include engaging in “the act of entertaining with or without music by dancing or behaving in a manner consistent with imitating sexual action or seduction with or without the physical contact of others with the intent to to amuse, please, sexually stimulate, or provide sexual gratification to view legal adult pleasures on or off the premises.”

Pivotal Brewing Company co-founder Todd Nicholson told 12 News the brewery held its second drag show last Saturday, something he said the brewery could risk not being able to host again if an amendment like this passes. .

He said he and others plan to fight the petition.

“If you look at our core principles as a brewery and a small business, it’s about diversity and inclusion and supporting the LGBTQ community, of which we have a lot of friends who frequent the brewery, and we’re a supportive business in this community.” Nicholson said.

In a letter to city officials, the ACLU said the petition is “inappropriately directed at LGBTQ+ people.”

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ACLU chief executive Steven Brown also wrote that the proposed language “is broad enough to have the Footloose-ian effect” and would, in turn, bring strict regulations for any type of entertainment in Bristol.

“A – How do you enforce that? YB: does that mean that the city of Bristol would not allow dancing in public places and public places? It seems pretty absurd,” Nicholson added.

12 News reached out to the resident who wrote the petition, but they declined to comment by phone.

The council meeting begins at 7 pm on Wednesday.

12 News plans to send a reporter to the event and will have updates on air and online.


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