This week in Bristol: Four Bedminster pubs close on the same day (but one is reopening)

Four south Bristol pubs within a 5-minute radius announced their closure on Wednesday. But one couple has already offered to come to the rescue.

The exterior of the Tap and Barrel pub, Bedminster.

This week in Bristolfour pubs in Bedminster within a five-minute radius of each other announced their closure.

On Wednesday March 29, The Tap and Barrel on Dean Lane, the Albert Lounge on West Street, The London Inn on Canon Street and the Black Cat, also on West Street, announced their immediate closure.

The Tap and Barrel and Albert Lounge announced via social media that the cost-of-living crisis was to blame, while signs appeared on the doors of The London Inn and Black Cat to say they too would be closing their doors.

All four pubs are owned by the same man and were leased to a person who announced that due to the rising cost of living they had to close all their businesses.

Locals began sharing their shock on social media. paul mizen tweeted: “Both the Albert and the London Inn should have protective orders. Both epic parts of Bemmie’s story. When you got on the bus he always said, London Inn please, driver.

“Bedminster will never be the same again,” lamented journalist Charlie Watts, a south Bristol resident.

But soon after, a couple came forward to take over Black Cat’s lease, saying it would reopen from Saturday.

In a Facebook post, Mark and Katie Whiteman said: “We are pleased to announce that Black Cat will be open again from Saturday at noon.

“Everyone is welcome, it will be amazing to see all the usual faces and some new ones.” The pub has a regular concert on Sunday afternoons, which will go on. Don’t miss it this Sunday afternoon, 3-6pm.

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The Bristol Summary

Costs have risen by £500,000 for planned repair work to fix critical flood defenses in Bristol Harbour. The council originally asked the Environment Agency for £1.25m, but the cost has now risen to £1.75m. Repair work on the Underfall Yard locks is “urgent” as some of the infrastructure is over 100 years old.

A year-long review by inspectors reveals that Avon and Somerset police “require improvement” in investigating crimes including rape and serious sexual offences. Half of all investigations carried out by the understaffed police force end without further action being taken, the inspectors said.

£1.6m will be invested in seven of Bristol’s parks to improve their facilities, with money from a housing developers levy. Better facilities are expected to help them support new housing developments, and will be implemented at Hengrove Play Park, St Agnes Park in St Pauls, Argyle Road park in Speedwell, Oldbury Court Estate, Rawnsley Park in St Judes, green spaces in Lawrence Weston and Victoria Park.

Bristol City Council is not on track to meet its ‘affordable’ housing target of 500 this year. In the ‘worst case’ it could be as low as less than half, says a council performance report.

The old cinema on Filwood Broadway is finally being demolished after being derelict for decades. The building has long been an ‘icon’ of Knowle West and was bought for conversion into apartments despite a campaign to preserve it.

A campaign coalition including the Save Bristol Zoo Gardens Campaign, Bristol Friends of the Earth and Avon Needs Trees has formed to protect the trees at the Bristol Zoo Gardens historic site. In an open letter to Mayor Marvin Rees, they say that as part of their green emergency declaration, Bristol City Council has committed to doubling tree canopy by 2046 and should not engage in green ‘hooliganism’.

Two swimmers have become the first to (legally) swim in Bristol Harbour. The water “tastes surprisingly delicious,” said one. Starting April 29, a five-week pilot project will allow the public to reserve toilets in a section of the harbor for £7 an hour every Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 10am.

Saffron, a Bristol non-profit whose mission is to promote gender equality in the music industry, has lost some core funding and is running a crowdfunder. They have raised over a third of their £50,000 target so far, which they hope will allow them to continue providing opportunities for women and non-binary people around the world to break into the industry.

ACORN Bristol is asking people to join them in stopping a second attempt to evict a man with an inherited debt.. County court bailiffs are due to evict George Francis from his Easton home again on Tuesday, April 4, after he inherited the debt from his father. Contact ACORN directly for more details..

Solutions and Successes

Dom Whiting will return to Bristol with Drum & Bass On The Bike this Sunday 2nd April. The event, popularized by its live broadcasts, will see hundreds of cyclists following Dom playing drum & bass from his bike, modified with a DJ setup. Starts at Lloyds Amphitheater at 2pm.

Arnolfini has launched its first crowdfunding campaign for a community textile studio. With a target of £20,000, the month-long campaign will coincide with Arnolfini’s biggest textile exhibition: Threads, from 8 July to 1 October. You can find the crowdfunder here.

Sonny Stores and the Mazi Project have joined forces to launch a ‘pay in advance’ food box scheme. The box, with seasonal recipes, will be delivered at home and will see another ‘paid in advance’ to a needy young man. Learn more here.

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