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      UFO or Mystery Balloon Spotted Flying Over Bristol City Center

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 14, 2023

      A Bristol man captured 10 second video of a mysterious object flying over Bristol city center this morning (Tuesday 14th February). Questions have surrounded the sighting as to whether it was a balloon similar to those seen in various skies in recent days, a UFO, or simply a party balloon that got caught in the wind.

      Andrew Smith, who worked from his home in Lawford’s Gate, near Cabot Circus, said: “I saw it through the window and when I first saw it I thought it was a weather balloon. But with everything going on in the news, I was wondering what it was,” he said, referring to news reports this week about suspected spy balloons in US and Chinese airspace.

      “But it could just as easily have been a party balloon that got lost. Regarding size, there was no real frame of reference, it floated from east to west,” she said. The balloon appears to be silver in color and moves across the sky at a uniform speed.

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      Relations between the US and China have soured this week over ‘spy balloons’ with both countries reporting unidentified balloons entering their respective airspaces. Both countries have denied sending high-altitude aerospace balloons to conduct surveillance.

      Meanwhile, the last time a UFO was reported in the skies over Bristol was in August last year, when a resident caught a clip of a ‘bright circular light’ over Easton that was reported to have lingered in the area for up to ten minutes. The resident said that at first she thought it was a star or maybe even a helicopter and that it was “moving very fast.”

      Prior to that, a strange silver object was seen in the sky over Filton this past July. It was seen by a local resident in the early afternoon and although the image was taken from some distance, the object appeared to have rope-like detail dangling from it. While it almost looks like a spaceship in shape, it could just as well have been a helium balloon.


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