University will ‘open its doors to Bristol’ with new Temple Meads campus

The head of Bristol University hailed the start of work on a new campus at Temple Meads, saying it will mean Bristol citizens will be able to get involved in the research and businesses that take place there.

Professor Evelyn Welch said they are incorporating “co-creation and collaboration” into plans for the Temple Quarter campus, which is now being built right next to Temple Meads station. The university has signed the contract with the construction company Sir Robert McAlpine to finally start work on the campus, which will have more than 4,000 students from 2026.

But the university’s vice-chancellor said she was keen for the university’s new campus to open its doors to people from all over Bristol, as never before. “This is going to be a huge, long, beautiful building, open, airy, in a wonderfully landscaped setting,” she said.

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“Open because it will allow collaboration and allow the people of Bristol to come in and really benefit from having the university in the heart of their city.

“Uni needs to expand for two reasons. The first reason, to be honest, is that we need students to be able to afford to do what we do. The current financing system does not allow us to survive in any other way. But perhaps as, if not more important, it also allows us to innovate.

“The new campus in Temple Quarter will be much less divided into disciplinary silos. It will allow someone from business, a businessman, to sit next to a researcher. It will allow a researcher to work with students, it will allow students to work with the citizens of Bristol With that sense of co-creation and collaboration and partnership it’s being built into the very fabric of what we’re doing at Temple Quarter,” he added.


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