Urgent flood warnings for Bristol after heavy rain in the South West

Bristol people have been urged to “act now” after flood warnings were issued for the city. A night of heavy rain and strong winds has led the Environment Agency to launch the warnings.

Two advisories have been issued affecting Bristol. One is for the River Avon areas in Pill and Shirehampton, Watch House Road and Station Road, while the other is along the waterfront at Portishead and Portbury Dock.

Along with the warnings, there are also two lower level alerts. These cover the River Avon at Bristol, Pill and Shirehampton and one for the coast between Portishead and Portbury Dock.

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In its toughest warnings, the Environment Agency says: “Flooding is expected in this area. This means properties are at risk of flooding.”

“Take steps to protect yourself and your property and monitor local weather and river conditions. Avoid contacting, walking or driving through floodwater.

“Consider activating any property flood protection products you may have. Environment Agency flood warning officers established river or tidal levels that have triggered this message.

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