Wowcher’s £99 Mystery Holiday deal leaves tourists ‘upset’ over ‘extra costs’

With the rising cost of living leaving many Britons cash-strapped, tourists are cutting corners where they can to save costs, opting to carry only hand luggage or stay in a hostel for the duration of their stay. One option that has become increasingly popular with tourists is Wowcher’s “Mystery Holiday Deal” deal site, which promises travelers return flights and a two-night hotel stay for just £99.

Of course, this incredibly cheap offer comes with a catch: those who participate have no idea where they are going until the very last moment. Harriet Morphy-Morris, a writer for our sister site WalesOnline, curious to find out what it’s really like to take Wowcher on one of their £99 offers, decided to try it out for herself, buying a surprise holiday for herself and her partner to continue.

The Wowcher deal can send tourists to all sorts of popular vacation destinations across Europe, including Paris, Lisbon, and Copenhagen. Some are even lucky enough to know they’re headed to a bucket-list destination, like Dubai, New York City, and Barbados.

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While Harriet and her partner were happy to find they were finally heading to Lake Garda, they were both left with costs in excess of £99 each, and didn’t even rest their heads on the pillows in their cheap hotel room. According to Harriet, when she books one of the mystery holidays, she can enter her desired holiday dates, the number of travelers and the UK departure airport.

“I put three different weekend options (in order of preference) as well as possible flights from Manchester airport (which we don’t fly from),” Harriet said. “At the time of booking, it was clear that anyone wanting to take off from an airport outside of London would have to pay an additional £50 per person, bringing the price to £149 per person.

“Once purchased, a coupon code (from Wowcher) will be emailed to you along with details of where to claim it. My code arrived in my inbox within an hour of purchasing the offer along with all the details of how to claim it. with partner travel site, Travelodeal After this, I went on your site (via the link in the email) and booked our mystery vacation.


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