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      SuffPunch added 22:17 – Feb 14

      £10 wasted on iffollow. I wish the players cared about both the promotion and the fans.


      Added DifferentGravy 22:24 – Feb 14

      Someone teach Leif Davis to play the ball and not the player. He missed so many tackles throughout the game and got involved in a personal vendetta. The whole team must also learn to head the ball.

      Aluko, Davis, Humphreys, Burns, Burgess, Harness were absolutely terrible…and that’s just too many players to carry.

      The constant rotation is disturbing and we see ourselves completely out of it. Good luck making it to the playoffs.


      Billysherlockblue added 22:37 – Feb 14

      Embarrassing guys. You should have put it mildly TERRIBLE. BUNCH OF NON-INTENTERS. AND GOD I LOVE MY CLUB.


      Eeyore added 22:43 – Feb 14

      Collins was the best player tonight. He’s only 25 and would have been a good buy. Poor performances particularly from Harness and Burns. Humphries isn’t good enough for a top team yet. Too bad Luongo is out of shape. Once Ball, Luongo and Evans return, we’ll consolidate 4th place. It’s a bit like some seasons where we’re told our players are the best in the league, they do well in the first half of the season, then even the players at the bottom of the league start looking superior. We are plummeting in the league. However, I think this time we will bounce back and do well in the last 10 games. Finishing on a high, we will have a good chance in the playoffs.


      Eeyore added 22:51 – Feb 14

      The low ratings for defenders are silly. They did well and kept a clean sheet. Aluko was good. It was the midfield and forwards who couldn’t produce the goods. Burns is nowhere near the standard that saw him break into the Wales team. Now he would play Jackson instead of him. In fact anyone instead of him. He is hit by a gust of wind. Best player in Div 1 last season. One of the worst this season.


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