You’ve heard of a pancake and you’ve heard of a soufflé, but have you ever eaten them together? that is what souffle pancake The Fluffy Fluffy specialists thought, and now we have the pancake soufflé right here in Manchester! For a long time, this style was inherently Japanese and, like sushi and ToyotaThey have done it again with the migration of this cloud shaped candy.

With all that being said, Fluffy Fluffy is offering free pancakes to each of the first customers through the Whitworth Street door in Tuesday of Carnivaleither pancake day for those more concerned with sweets. If you walk into the store at noon on Tuesday, February 21, you might have a chance to snag one, and trust us, you don’t want to miss out. But get there early as when those fluffy guys are gone, they’re gone!

Credit: Fluffy Fluffy UK

each pancake is handmade to order with fresh ingredients. The egg whites are beaten to soft peaks, giving them that airy quality they’re famous for. The dough is then slowly cooked at a low temperature to obtain the unique round cloud-shaped pancakes. The impressive stacks are then topped off With a selection of house fruits, creams, syrups and sauces including Nutella, Biscoff and Blueberry Cheese, who could resist?

Hussein Umar, UK Development Lead at Fluffy Fluffy UK, said: “We couldn’t let Pancake Day go by without a big celebration. We live and breathe pancakes here at Fluffy Fluffy and have been delighted to introduce our light and bouncy versions of soufflé in Manchester. If you haven’t tried them yet, this is your chance to come and see what all the fuss is about!”

Credit: Fluffy Fluffy UK

In October, Fluffy Fluffy opened his UK flagship coffee shop on Whitworth Street in Manchester in association with local franchisee Hussein. The new Manchester location, designed by local interior specialists NC Studio, displays the signature of Fluffy Fluffy open kitchen conceptoffering a view of how the brand’s delicious fluffy pancakes are made and the intricate process and keen attention to detail involved – which also lends itself to those of us who love a nosy!

Fluffy Fluffy Japanese Pancakes, Carding Building, Whitworth St, Manchester, M1 3NR.


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