‘Gruesome’ scenes as man ‘knocked unconscious’ outside pub

Bosses at a pub in Shaw described the scene as “horrendous” after a man was “knocked unconscious with a single blow” and rushed to hospital.

The ‘riot’ broke out outside the Coach & Horses pub on Market Street in the early hours of Saturday morning (March 11). Emergency services, including police and paramedics, rushed to the scene and a cordon was placed.

Bosses at the pub said a “lad received a single blow to the face” and “was knocked out on the road” in the “horrible incident”. They described how staff gave him first aid until paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital in an ambulance.

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Police confirmed that a man, in his 30s, was taken to hospital from the scene. No arrests have yet been made and an investigation is ongoing.

In a statement posted to the Coach & Horses Facebook page last night, bosses Claire and Maz said: “Hello, myself and my partner Maz would like to issue a statement regarding the horrific events that took place outside our bar. For reasons legal, we cannot name”. someone.

“The incident occurred when the lad received a single blow to the face. The speed of which must have knocked him out as he hit the road directly outside our venue.”

The statement added: “The victim had left our pub and was standing outside when the altercation occurred. A single blow to the head can be fatal and as the lad was unconscious all I can do is congratulate our amazing team of staff for the speed and calm you showed in dealing with this horrible incident.

“My partner Maz provided vital first aid to the young man along with our DJ, who also has military training, and they kept him breathing and safe until the paramedics arrived. The boy was still unconscious in the ambulance and once the police arrived, they had They had to work fast to preserve what had now become a crime scene.

“We have been working closely with the police and have asked for regular updates on the poor boy’s condition. He is stable and on the road to recovery.”

“We will strive to continue to provide the highest standards and service to both our staff, customers and the entire Shaw community. This incident has shaken us all but we stand united along with the other local pubs.”

“We will continue to work to make Shaw a better and safer place, as we promised when we took over nearly 12 months ago. Thank you so much, Claire and Maz.”

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: “At around 2:25am on Saturday 11 March, Greater Manchester Police were called to report a disturbance at a premises in Market Street, Shaw. A man of about 30 years old was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.”

“No arrests have been made at this time. There is an ongoing investigation.”

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