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      Large emergency services presence near Irwell in Salford amid reports of a person in the river

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 14, 2023

      There is a large emergency services presence in Salford tonight, with fire and police teams present alongside the River Irwell amid reports of a person in the water.

      Footage from the scene shows numerous emergency services vehicles in attendance, including Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and Greater Manchester Police.

      Videos also surfaced showing staff using torches to search land near the river. The fire service confirmed they were called on initial reports of ‘people in the water’

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      Witnesses reported seeing a police helicopter and drones also flying overhead. Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for further details.

      This is a last minute incident. See updates below…

      End of live coverage

      The response of the emergency services has been reduced tonight.

      We will bring you all the latest via our website when we learn more about this incident.

      Footage shows a large response from emergency services shortly after 10pm tonight.

      (Image: ASP)

      (Image: ASP)

      Unconfirmed reports of ‘police chase’

      There are unconfirmed reports of a ‘police chase’ tonight which led to reports of a person in the water.

      Emergency services were called to Meadow Road, next to the River Irwell, around 10 p.m.

      A motorcycle has also been photographed at the scene. It is not clear if this is related.

      Some more images taken from the scene.

      (Image: ASP)

      (Image: ASP)

      Pictures from tonight’s scene.

      (Image: ASP)

      (Image: ASP)

      Fire service issues statement and confirms reports of ‘people’ entering river

      A spokesman for the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) said: “Just after 10pm on Tuesday 14 February, fire crews were called to help with an incident near Peel Park in Salford following a report of people entering the nearby river.

      “Three fire trucks from Phillips Park, Broughton and Eccles, as well as the Eccles water unit and the Ashton rescue technical unit, quickly responded to the incident.

      “Firefighters remain on the scene along with colleagues from Greater Manchester Police.”

      Video footage shared on social media shows the area being searched with torches

      Reports of drones flying overhead

      There are reports of drones flying over and around the River Irwell tonight as searches continue.

      Flight radar maps also showed a police helicopter flying over the area this afternoon.

      We are still waiting for more details and confirmation from the police.

      Ongoing searches along the riverbank

      A witness told the Manchester Evening News tonight: “There appears to be a large police presence, as well as possible rescue people, as many searches are underway along the river bank and beyond.”

      “They are searching with torches along the river, searching the river and its surroundings.”

      A map of where the emergency services are tonight.

      The red ‘X’ shows Meadow Road, the road where the emergency services have parked tonight. The grassy area, known as ‘The Meadow’ is the area that is currently being searched.

      The fire service is searching the water side

      According to a witness at the scene, water team personnel within the fire service are searching alongside the water tonight.

      They also reported that a boat is ready to be deployed on the River Irwell.


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