Locals tie themselves to trees as police call after logging line breaks out in south Manchester

Police were called after a row broke out over a clump of trees on a residential street in south Manchester, and a group of locals tied themselves to them in an attempt to prevent them from being cut down.

Horrified neighbors took action against the felling of trees on the grounds of a property at Birch Polygon in Rusholme. The ‘peaceful’ protest began on Wednesday when three locals initially tied themselves to trees upon realizing what the workers were doing.

Their number then grew to more than half a dozen on Thursday morning after Wednesday night and overnight efforts to prevent trees from falling by official means.

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Local councilor Jill Lovecy told the Manchester evening news that attempts to obtain a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) were unsuccessful.

A Manchester City Council spokesperson confirmed they were assessed by an arborist but did not meet the necessary requirements for a TPO.

Several locals tied themselves to the trees to prevent them from being cut down.(Image: Kenny Brown | Manchester Evening News)

In what witnesses have described as “tense” scenes, protesters remained tied to trees as work was carried out around them on Thursday morning with police present on the scene.


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