Manchester City’s £300m splurge to put the Etihad Stadium on a par with its rivals

Manchester City are investing £300m in renovating one end of the Etihad Stadium.

Plans call for adding an additional 7,700 seats to the second tier of the North Stand, which will bring capacity to around 61,000.

But the redevelopment will also include the construction of a new hotel, an indoor fan park, a megastore and a museum on campus to further modernize the facility.

The incredible funding committed to the works is expected to bring the city’s total spending on infrastructure development in the area, including previous improvements to the stadium, training ground and community centres, to £1bn.

Consultation with fans and local residents on the project ended last Sunday, with City’s next step being to obtain building permission.

Manchester City to invest £300m in Etihad Stadium North Stand renovation
Etihad’s maximum capacity will be increased to around 61,000

If awarded, they expect work to start in November and expect the capacity expansion to be complete by the start of the 2025-26 season, with other construction work finished a year later.

City maintained that “the construction period would be carefully planned around the football season to minimize the potential for disruption.”

The increased capacity will put City in line with the likes of Tottenham, Arsenal and West Ham United. Liverpool’s Anfield development is also expected to hit the 61,000 mark.

Renowned architecture firm Populous has designed the redevelopment, and its previous project includes the world’s largest cricket stadium in India, as well as new stadiums in Tottenham and Lyon.

Pep Guardiola’s side are currently on a 10-game unbeaten run and will face Liverpool next.
The redevelopment project will include works on a hotel, a fan park megastore and a live stadium.
The club estimates that the project will create 2,600 jobs ahead of local applicants.

Feasibility studies conducted late last year generated 434 formal responses, with the city saying 79 percent of those comments were considered “specifically expressing support or providing positive ideas for us to consider as part of our formal proposals.”

Fans want improved transportation on a single-track Metrolink network, and some have called for sit-down restaurants that are available to fans who have not purchased hospitality tickets.

Part of the redevelopment will include more bars and restaurants, while the indoor fan venue is designed to cater for 3,000 people. The city’s current facility, which includes a stage for pregame day events, is largely open to the elements. The city estimates the project will create 2,600 jobs, prioritizing local applicants.

The new constructions, which will transform the look of the campus, will be located next to the Co-op Live Arena, the UK’s largest indoor music venue seating 23,500, opening this December and featuring the city as interested part.


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