“My motto is throw away clothes, throw away worries…” the 78-year-old naturist, encouraging others to remove their kit

A great-grandfather who has been a naturist all his life says his motto is ‘throw away the clothes, throw away the worries’. Derek Wooldridge, 78, says naturism is “brilliant” for people’s mental health. While he says it can relive stress, he maintains that “it’s not about sex at all.”

Derek, a now single retired mechanical engineer from Norwich, says he first tried naturism at the age of three while out in the sun. He likes to go skinny dipping and says the only time he used trucks was when he went to the pool as a kid with his school.

The three-time divorcee said he regularly goes on naturist vacations and has taken his ex-wives on those trips with him. “Neither of my wives ever saw it as a problem that I was a naturist, I think it made them like it more, and they accepted it when we went on vacation, they found it relaxing too,” he told the PA news agency.

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Derek said his three children are also naturists, but he has never stripped with his family as an adult. He said that he was comfortable being a naturist even from a young age, recalling a particular incident when he was a child.

“I was playing with one of my friends who lived across the street and we went down to his garden,” Derek said. “The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.

“We took our clothes off and it felt really good. Her dad came out of the house and saw us without clothes, and he went crazy.


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