Rare moment Manchester councilor dons faceless MASK during debate… leaving leader with head in hands

Politics in Manchester is never boring. In the final meeting before the local elections in May, the councilors discussed education, housing and parks.

But in the closing moments of the meeting, there was an unexpected twist when a councilman pulled a faceless mask from a plastic bag in front of him. The council leader sat close to her and she put her hand to her face as she performed the trick.

Wearing the mask, the veteran councilman then continued speaking. Pat Karney from the Labor Party was talking about voters requiring ID at polling stations this year.

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New rules affecting all council elections in England on May 4 mean people must have photo identification such as a driver’s license or passport to vote. Alternatively, individuals can apply for a free Election Authority Certificate.

However, according to Karney County, only 399 Mancunians have applied so far, while the total number of applications nationwide was 32,522 on March 19, just five weeks before the April 25 deadline. It is estimated that up to 3.5 million voters across the country in the UK do not have an accepted form of identification.

Karney County previously warned that police could be called in to “rush” at polling stations as people without identification are turned away. Speaking at a full council meeting on Wednesday (March 29), he said this is creating ‘real concerns’.


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