Rochdale News | News Headlines | Greater Manchester launches new video to help people go digital in later life

Publication date: March 20, 2023

A new video has been released to help more seniors get online and benefit from digital in later life.

Research shows that many older people benefit from the support and guidance of someone close to them in getting online or using digital devices. In Greater Manchester, 93,000 over the age of 75 are digitally excluded, and a third have never used the internet.

In Spring 2022, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and The Good Things Foundation joined forces to produce a brand new resource, ‘Doing Digital in Later Life: A Practical Guide’. The guide is designed for anyone, from family and friends to caregivers and frontline workers, to help them get started and support someone they know to go digital in the future.

The recently released animated video version of the guide will be another tool that our people and organizations across the region can use to support older people on their digital journey. Organizations such as Citizens Advice Manchester already use existing online guidance to help older customers build their confidence online.

Mark turned to Citizens Advice for help completing an online form. He was not very familiar with using technology beyond his mobile phone and relied heavily on his children and grandchildren to help him with anything online. Using the principles in the guide, the Citizens Advice team helped Mark set up and access an email account and practice sending and receiving email.

Mark told the team that he had always liked to email his local radio station to give his opinion on football results, so they showed him how to use a search engine to find the email address. correct; A couple of weeks later, Mark returned and proudly stated that he had been sending numerous emails, including to the radio station with thoughts of him!

Hayley Hughes, Deputy CEO of Citizens Advice Manchester, said: “The digital world is changing many parts of our lives, bringing new opportunities, products and more choice. But we help many people, including older people, who are daunted by the prospect of connecting to the Internet and, over time, risk falling behind in markets and paying more for everyday services such as energy and electricity. broadband.

“Together, we can help people take their first steps into the digital world and having resources such as the Doing Digital in Later Life how-to guide is invaluable to our staff at Citizens Advice Manchester, who are using the guide to significantly support and motivate effective for seniors to connect, stay online and, most importantly, benefit in the best way for them”

This new video reinforces that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to going digital as an adult. You don’t need to be a technical genius to help an older person get things done online, being patient and encouraging is the most important thing, something we all can do.

Helen Milner OBE, executive director of the group, Good Things Foundation, said: “Older people deserve to have access to digital as a basic right. Although 1.5 million more people went online during the Covid-19 pandemic, for some older and less wealthy people, including many with disabilities and health problems, digital engagement actually declined.

“This animated video, created in collaboration with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, is a fantastic way to support their commitment, helping older people to be happier, healthier and better.”

Seniors need to be strongly motivated if they want to give digital a chance and the guide and video is one way Greater Manchester is working to help more 75+ residents engage digitally.

Jan Kitching, chair of the Greater Manchester Senior Equality Panel, said: “The digital world offers a lot of potential for older people, but it can also be daunting. This short and funny animation captures the learning of groups of older people in Greater Manchester, as well as the research.

“I invite you, take six minutes to watch the animation and learn how you can best support an older person in your life to build their confidence around digital, and it includes having tea and biscuits on hand.”

The guide was initially launched after the re-election of Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, where he announced the ambition for Greater Manchester to become one of the first city-regions in the world to equip everyone over 75 with the skills , connectivity and technology to get online.


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