Step into a fantasy world of immersive gaming in Manchester’s new VR DNA experience

Fancy fighting your way out of a zombie apocalypse, defending your castle against monstrous invaders with a crossbow, or flying around shooting your friends with futuristic laser guns?

Well now you can, thanks to VR DNA opening today in Manchester on Brown Street.

The VR experience provides a unique entertainment experience that will take visitors on unimaginable journeys into worlds of fantasy, horror and music.

Log in with your virtual headset and controller, and be transported to another world of fantasy and immersive gaming.

The experience is designed for both beginners and experienced VR players.

The venue will have the capacity to host up to 16 virtual sessions (19 people) at a time, providing hours of gameplay with an unparalleled immersive experience for players.

With 70 games to choose from, guests can enjoy solo and party VR modes, including Skyfront VR, Ragnarok, Elven Assassin, and Arizona Sunshine.

The Free Roam arcade offers longer format escape rooms, exploratory experiences, and horror game modes for up to four players, including Hospital Of Horror, Space Station Tiberia, and Depths Of Osiris.

The Manchester place has a game for everyone, whether you want to solve an escape room, explore the depths of the deep blue ocean, or save the Earth from an intergalactic disaster.

DNA VR is perfect for family day trips, nights out with friends, corporate parties and even date nights, with a host of famous faces having already enjoyed the experience, including Olivia and Alex Bowen, Idris Elba, KSI and Hollywood royalty, Chris. Hemsworth (and his children!).

The place is also fully equipped with a minibar, serving a variety of drinks in the beautifully decorated and futuristic lobby, for those who require a bit of Dutch courage before facing off against a horde of zombies.

DNA VR CEO Alexander Tsyurupa said: “Whether you want a fantastic adventure or solving a series of mysteries, we have hundreds of games for every interest and passion.

“People want immersive new experiences, and leading DNA VR technology allows visitors to enjoy exciting gameplay.”

DNA VR is an interactive community gathering that debuted in July 2017 in a modest underground space in Camden, establishing itself as the largest and leading virtual reality arcade in London.

The establishment quickly gained popularity, thanks to enthusiastic patrons who spread the word. Despite the evolution of the company, one aspect remained constant: the emphasis on customer satisfaction and the social component.

DNA VR received Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Award twice in 2019 and 2020. In 2020, the company expanded its horizons by opening two new locations in Hammersmith and Battersea Power Station.

And now it has landed in the greatest city in the world, Manchester.

You can find them here: 30 Brown St, Manchester M2 1DH


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