The big dream of the small estate under the Mancunian Way

Residents and students planted over a thousand hedges, planted 500 bulbs and moved a ton of earth in one day of volunteer action.

It’s part of a movement to restore the pride of Brunswick, the little neighborhood below the Mancunian Way overpass, and make it a little less gray and a little greener. Ardwick Climate Action (ACA) is leading the project, which has enlisted the help of student volunteers from the University of Manchester.

On February 15, groups cleared Kale Street Green, which is close to a primary school and next to the A6. Organizers say that “the once unused space now has four sizable planters that will be a main feature for residents when they travel and walk.”

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“RSPB-approved native mulch (will combat) high levels of pollution, eat up carbon, make it pretty for birds and attractive to residents,” said Choel Cartwright, ACA co-founder. “We’ve already had blackbirds, everyone is welcome to our next event, check our social media for updates.”

Francis Muscatelli, from the UoM Volunteer Team, added: “We want students to get to know the area and feel connected to Ardwick and Brunswick and not have a divide between students and communities.

“We are working hard to create projects and opportunities for the two of them to come together and be mutually beneficial.”

Take a look at the best photos of the day’s hard work.

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Activists want to bridge the gap between students and long-term residents in Brunswick

(Image: Ardwick Climate Action)

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The volunteers worked to make the area’s green spaces attractive to birds and the local population.

(Image: Ardwick Climate Action)

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Ardwick Climate Action led the project in Brunswick, an area historically part of Chorlton-on-Medlock

(Image: Ardwick Climate Action)

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Volunteers from the University of Manchester joined locals and climate activists in the project.

(Image: Ardwick Climate Action)

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Redevelopment of the area’s green spaces is expected to help improve air quality in a neighborhood so close to downtown arterial routes.

(Image: Ardwick Climate Action)

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Activists hope the campaign will improve a sense of community in the neighborhood.

(Image: Ardwick Climate Action)

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500 bulbs were planted in one day.

(Image: Ardwick Climate Action)

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New planters have been installed

(Image: Russel Hart, UoM and ACA)


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