Things that Mancunians remember from their childhood that you no longer see



(Image: British Trolleybuses – Manchester, cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Alan Murray-Rust –

Long before Metrolink, trolleybuses were what we took to get around Manchester. At its peak, 20,000 trolleybuses, running on wheels and powered by overhead electric wires, were in operation in the UK.

They were first used in 1911 and phased out during the 1950s and 1960s. In Manchester, trolleybuses ran routes 210, 215 and 216 from Ashton-under-Lyne to Piccadilly and Stevenson Square, and were last used the day the network linking the city to Manchester closed in 1966.

record stores

(Image: @Manchester Libraries)

Although vinyl sales continue to recover, the invention of digital streaming and download services changed the landscape for music stores selling physical records and CDs. Of course many of the big chains like Virgin Megastores are now gone, there were also at one time many independent record stores in Greater Manchester.

The Spin Inn record shop, which used to be in the old underground market, was a favorite with many, as was another Manchester record shop, Vibes.

lost bars and clubs

lost stray giants

Outside Woolworths, Salford, 1997(Image: Amelia Troubridge/Café Royal Books)

kardomah coffee

Kardomah in St Ann’s Square, Manchester(Image: Manchester Libraries)

Green trains on the Altrincham line

kumar bros store

Kumar Bros store, corner of St Mary’s Gate and Deansgate, Manchester. September 17, 1985(Image: Mirrorpix)

Bonfire Night

The children prepare a bonfire before the nightly celebrations. November 5, 1962(Image: Mirrorpix)

blackbird coffee

castle mill lido

Wythenshawe Park Children’s Pool

great american

Area Colored Buses


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