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      Top 10 Manchester City players with the most Premier League goals in a single season

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 19, 2023

      Some of these players have finished at the top of the race for the Premier League golden boot.

      Manchester City’s Erling Haaland has been an uproar this season. In 22 league appearances, he has scored 26 goals and is on pace to break Alan Shearer’s record for most goals scored in a single season (34). This phenomenon has not been new at Manchester City, which has always been home to elite goalscorers. Many big names have dominated their goalscoring lists in the past, such as Carlos Tevez and Sergio Aguero.

      Let’s take a look at the top 10 Manchester City players who have scored the most goals in a single season.

      10. Raheem Sterling (2019/20) – 20 goals

      sterling rahim
      Raheem Sterling was an ace in soccer based on the possession of Pep Guardiola.

      Pep Guardiola’s team did not have a pleasant season in 2019/20. Although they started the season as two-time defending champions, they were unable to handle Liverpool’s dominance. However, one of the highlights of the season was the appearance of Raheem Sterling. With Gabriel Jesús and Sergio Agüero both injured that season, Manchester City struggled with a suitable striker, but Sterling scored 20 goals in his place.

      9. Sergio Agüero (2016/17) – 20 goals

      It was a difficult time for Pep Guardiola in his first season in the Premier League in 2016/17. Despite his famous possession-based tactics, his players had to adapt to them over time, with the exception of Sergio Agüero, who scored 20 goals throughout the season and seemed completely comfortable with them from day one. .

      8. Carlos Tevez (2010/11) – 20 goals

      After the famous property acquisition in 2008, Cityzens signed Carlos Tevez in 2009. He was the big shot in their pond, but Tevez never let them down with his relentless performances. Tevez continued his stellar form at the club in his second season, scoring 20 goals as well to help the club qualify for the Champions League after his unprecedented debut season.

      7. Sergio Agüero (2018/19) – 21 goals

      There are hardly any records related to goal counting that do not mention Sergio Aguero in Manchester City history. In 2018/19, the Argentine worked his magic again to lead Manchester City to a second successive league title under Pep Guardiola. Manchester City won the Premier League largely thanks to Agüero’s 21 goals.

      6. Sergio Agüero (2017/18) – 21 goals

      South American Premier League players
      Sergio Agüero was City’s best scorer in years.

      With four Premier League title-winning medals to his credit, Pep Guardiola has proven himself in this league. The Spanish strategist signed up for the English challenge in 2017/18 after a tough debut season, and triumphed thanks to the magic of Agüero’s goals. The season in which Agüero played for them was only 25 games, but he scored 21 goals, clinching Pep Guardiola’s first league title.

      5. Carlos Tevez (2009/10)- 23 goals

      After playing for Manchester United in the 2008/09 season, Carlos Tevez arrived at the Etihad Stadium in controversial fashion. With impressive performances from him alone in the first season, Tevez put an end to all speculation. In his debut season, the Argentine scored 23 goals and won the hearts of the city.

      4. Sergio Aguero (2011/12)- 23 goals

      Agüero was signed from Atlético Madrid by Manchester City in the summer of 2011 with the intention of using him as a future signing. Manchester City won the League for the first time thanks to Agüero, who turned out to be a standout player from the first season. In his first season, the Argentine scored 23 goals and helped the club win the league.

      3. Sergio Aguero (2015/16)- 24 goals

      Most people don’t remember Sergio Agüero’s 2015/16 season. That season is often remembered for Leicester City’s dream run in the Premier League and Harry Kane’s arrival on the world stage with his Golden Boot victory. Many forget, however, that Agüero missed out on the Golden Boot for a goal in 2015/16. He was the Argentine who led Manchester City to qualify for the Champions League despite not having much support from other players.

      2. Sergio Agüero (2014/15)- 26 goals

      For Manchester City, Sergio Agüero has scored 20 or more goals in a single season six times, his highest total coming in the 2014/15 campaign. He scored 26 goals for Cityzens in 33 appearances for them that season and also provided eight assists. He won the Golden Boot that season, and 2014/15 remains his best season so far when it comes to scoring or contributing goals.

      1. Erling Haaland (2022/23)- 26 goals

      When Erling Haaland arrived at the Etihad Stadium in the 2022 transfer window, he was hailed as a lethal shooter, but pundits questioned his credibility in a fast-paced league like the Premier League. Haaland’s mid-season statistics have cleared up all doubts. With 26 goals scored in just 22 appearances, the Norwegian striker is on pace to break Alan Shearer’s single-season record and set a new standard.

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