Weather and snow forecast from the Met Office for your place of residence in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester, along with the rest of the UK, will see temperatures plummet over the next week with snow on the horizon, the Met Office said.

It was previously predicted that in March there will be a greater chance of cold conditions with “more organized rain or snow spreading south across the country.” As we head into the second half of March, the Met Office predicts spells of rain and snow will become “much more likely” with some even causing disruption accompanied by “strong northerly winds.”

A yellow weather warning of snow has been forecast for parts of the North East and Scotland for Monday and Tuesday, but does not currently include Greater Manchester.

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In the Northwest this weekend, it is likely to remain fairly cloudy, with a few clear periods that could bring light frosts. It is expected to remain dry, although some showers are possible in the morning, perhaps turning wintry in the foothills. It is likely to feel cold with a minimum temperature of 2C throughout the region.

On Sunday it is forecast that it will be partly cloudy and it will feel cold especially on the coasts. The maximum temperature will be around 7C.

The Met Office has said more rain is possible next week, falling more easily as snow. There will be light winds overall, but a bit windier Monday night. It is likely to feel cold with widespread frosts on Tuesday and Wednesday, with some snow expected in our region on Friday.


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