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March 22, 2023

Purple Pennies will be released on Monday, March 27

purple pennies

In February 2023, colleagues from across the University voted for three charitable causes to receive support from our new Purple Pennies scheme.

Purple Pennies is a micro-donation scheme that allows you to donate the pennies from your salary to charitable causes. It will be released on Monday, March 27.

The three causes supported by Purple Pennies will be:

  • Supporting Manchester Cancer Research
  • Help disadvantaged students
  • wooden street mission

We’ll be running a featured article on each charitable cause this week, ahead of the Purple Pennies launch on Monday 27 March.

Supporting Manchester Cancer Research

What’s it all about?

In just a few months, Manchester’s new world-leading cancer center will open its doors. The new Paterson Building, which has been supported by donations to our ‘Re-write Cancer’ campaign, has been specially designed to accelerate cancer research and find solutions faster. Importantly, it will bring together doctors, researchers and patients under one roof.

Now, donations will support the delivery of world-class cancer research within the new building, helping world-class cancer scientists find life-saving solutions faster.

What difference will purple pennies make?

100% of donations received through the Purple Pennies scheme will help drive research in promising areas, accelerating progress so more people with cancer can benefit from new discoveries.

The team is currently raising funds to create a new postgraduate research opportunity with a focus on drug resistance. This important research will help patients like Peter, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2020.

With Purple Pennies providing regular monthly support, the scheme will make a continuous difference to what our world-class cancer teams can achieve.

Are there other ways to participate?

Yeah! Colleagues interested in doing more can sign up for a free fundraising spot at the Great Manchester Run on May 21, 2023 as part of the University’s Purple Wave. Or you can organize your own fundraising activity; simply contact the team at [email protected].

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