An east London gangster who tried to decapitate someone with a sword has died after drinking too much whiskey at a birthday party. Sabesan Sivaneswaran, 34, from East Ham, choked on his own vomit in Bengal Road on Sunday July 24, 2022, after drinking enough alcohol to put someone in a coma while celebrating a one-year-old’s birthday in a party in Ilford. Lane, an investigation has heard.

Mr Sivaneswaran was part of a Newham Samurai gang that attempted to murder a 23-year-old in Alperton, north London, in 2006. Armed with swords, pickaxe handles and pieces of wood, four of them attempted to decapitate the the victim. who only had a cricket bat to defend himself. His arm was amputated to the bone, leaving his hand dangling by the wrist.

The gang of seven known as “The East Ham Boys” was led by Senthurrajah Thavapalasingham, nicknamed “Psycho”, and had traveled across London to attack rival gang DMX, the Old Bailey heard at the time. In all, the group was jailed for 63 years, while Sivaneswaran was sentenced to life in prison for attempted murder and ordered to serve at least eight years.

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Bengal Road at Ilford Lane where Mr Sivaneswaran died in the street(Image: Google)

His imprisonment, along with the other caged thugs, saw criminal damage drop 80 per cent in the East Ham area, with reports of anti-social behavior also down 50 per cent. “East Ham is no longer a ‘crime and disorder’ hotspot,” police stated after the trial in 2008.

But 14 years later, Mr Sivaneswaran, of Caulfield Road, was found lying on the path outside a party, covered in nausea and unable to breathe. Moments earlier, a friend recalled how Mr Sivaneswaran had spilled curry on his shirt and was dancing, in a statement read to the East London Coroner’s Court.

They said, “I noticed that Sabesan couldn’t hold his food plate because he was drunk. He tried to drink the water but lost his balance and fell. After about 30 to 35 minutes I entered the party because something started. When he came back outside , the police were with him. I know he had been drinking whiskey at the party.”


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