Harvey 2 Old Trafford: A seven-year-old boy takes a 40-mile walk for his cousin with cancer

A “caring” seven-year-old Manchester United fan is going to walk from Liverpool Children’s Hospital, where his cousin with cancer resides, to Old Trafford to raise awareness of the “incredible” work he does.

Harvey Goodman’s seven-year-old cousin Zak was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, which the family did not want to disclose, last June.

Two children standing side by side, flexing their muscles.
(left to right) Zak and Harvey (Naiomi Goodman)

“Since then, he’s lost all his hair and has been through aggressive chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and Alder Hey has pretty much taken care of him the entire time,” said Harvey’s mother, Naiomi, 29, who works as a sales director. PA News Agency.

“What triggered the idea for the walk for Harvey was hearing how amazing Alder Hey had been – the staff are always there when Zak needs something.

“And he came up to us and said he really wanted to do something for Zak.”

Harvey will go on a 40-mile walk, starting at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, based in West Derby, Liverpool, on April 1, and finishing at Manchester United’s famous stadium, Old Trafford, on April 2.

He told PA that he initially wanted to walk from Wembley to Old Trafford, but that was “too long”.

“So I decided to walk from Alder Hey since Zak was there and Zak was very happy that I was doing this walk for him.”

Boy with one leg stretched out and smiling at the camera.
Harvey Goodman will participate in a 40-mile walk to raise funds for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, where his cousin (Naiomi Goodman) is.

Manchester United fan Harvey will wear a shirt and coat emblazoned with the club’s logo, bearing the words “Harvey 2 Old Trafford”, which he hopes will generate support for the cause.

“My friends, my family, some of my teachers, my aunts, uncles and Man United legend Sammy Mcllroy will be with me on the walk,” Harvey added.

The youngster has been practicing for the challenge by taking walks and delving into numerous sporting activities.

“I’ve done some practice walks, I’ve been running, I do a lot of kickboxing three times a week, I practice soccer twice a week and I ride my bike,” he said.

Asked what he’s most looking forward to when the challenge finally starts, Harvey said: “Getting to Old Trafford.

“All my friends and family will be cheering me on and that will make me very happy.”

Boy sitting next to man and smiling at camera
(left to right) Harvey and Sir Alex Ferguson (Naiomi Goodman)

The family, who live in Manchester, initially set themselves a target of £5,000, which doubled in a few months and has also been exceeded ever since.

“We thought that was a really high number and if we got anywhere near that, we would really be over the moon,” Ms Goodman said.

“And the fact that it has now been surpassed is amazing.”

Harvey’s father, Matt Goodman, 42, who works as a business development manager, added that “it would be really nice” to reach £20,000.

One of Harvey’s favorite comments on his JustGiving page was from an anonymous account, which read: “Still amazing Harvey! You are an inspiration to all of us,” and he ended up being somewhat anonymous after all.

“It was really funny because it came from an anonymous account, but mom told me it was my grandmother.”

Ms Goodman added: “I think it was more because Grandma didn’t know how to use JustGiving and leave a name.”

She also pointed to one comment in particular that touched her.

“There was a comment from someone we didn’t know who saw the fundraiser, who said his daughter was treated for heart surgery there and he wishes Harvey the best and called him an absolute legend.”

Goodman added: “It’s good to see the number of people who have donated, including many United fans, as Alder Hey is a great children’s hospital.”

In February, Harvey visited the hospital, taking a tour of the facility and getting to see how his money would make a difference.

“Harvey was able to get on a virtual reality machine to look inside a heart,” Goodman said.

“He realized what they do and how amazing they are.”

Alder Hey said that “every step of Harvey’s epic walk, and every penny donated, will help spread a little magic on Alder Hey and we look forward to joining him in his challenge.”

Both of Harvey’s parents said they are “immensely proud” of their son.

“He’s so caring, whatever comes up that allows him to do something to help, he’s always the first to step up,” Ms. Goodman said.

Harvey’s desire to help others extends to making sure other kids believe they can achieve anything, and he has shared the words, “Okay, you can do this” to any young reader wishing to undertake fundraising feats.

Boy and man smiling at camera
Harvey with his director Dan Harding (Naiomi Goodman)

Harvey previously walked more than 16 miles from his school, Stockton Heath Primary School, to Old Trafford, raised nearly £8,500 for his school yard and met former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Ms Goodman said Harvey’s school has provided “incredible” fundraising support, with Principal Dan Harding adding: “Given how impressive Harvey did in his challenge last year, I have no doubt that he will not only rise to this challenge, but absolutely crush it.”

Pascale Harvie, President and General Manager of JustGiving, said: “Harvey is a huge inspiration to all of us.

“At just seven years old, she came up with and took on this huge challenge to raise vital funds to help her cousin and so many other children receiving treatment at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.”

Harvey’s fundraiser can be found here: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/harvey-2-oldtrafford


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