How you could add thousands of pounds in value to your property

UK homeowners are being told that adding a new outdoor feature to their homes could increase its value by thousands of pounds.

Research revealed that this popular feature could see homeowners earn a 192% return on their investment, with those in Greater London making the biggest profits.

Enlarging or improving your home is a very common way to make the home work better for you and it is also a strategy used to increase the money received from its sale.

With residents being able to add over £25,000 to the value of their homes, many will wonder how this can be done.

Newham Recorder: (PA) The value of your house could increase by tens of thousands of pounds by building this unique feature(PA) The value of your home could increase by tens of thousands of pounds by building this unique feature (Image: AP)

UK homeowners could add £25,000 to their property value by adding this outdoor feature

Simply Paving experts have said that homeowners in the UK can add more than £25,000 to the value of their homes by adding a patio to their gardens.

While this may require an upfront investment, the return on this can be huge, with those in Grater London seeing a return of up to 1112%.

Other areas could also see big returns with the South East of England also capable of a 190% return.

The national median price for sawn yards is £9,816 with a 192% return on investment.

Scotland was the only place where ROI was negative at -2%.

UK regions with the highest return on investment in building terrace gardens

Here is the complete list of regions, including the total average cost of a patio and the estimated return on investment:

Greater london

Cost: £6,162

ROI: 1112%


Cost: £12,780

ROI: 190%


Cost: £7,341

ROI: 161%

east of england

Cost: £12,576

ROI: 132%

Newham Recorder: (Canva) South West England could see returns of 117%(Canva) South West England could see returns of 117% (Image: Canvas)

south west

Cost: £12,309

ROI: 117%

west midlands

Cost: £9,822

ROI: 101%

Yorkshire and the Humber

Cost: £8,217

ROI: 96%


Cost: £6,507

ROI: 97%

East Midlands

Cost: £9,909

ROI: 70%


Cost: £10,272

ROI: 35%


Cost: £12,084

ROI: -2%

Experts Reveal How to Keep Patio Construction Costs Down

Here are some tips and tricks to keep construction costs down:

Find the right pavers

While this may seem obvious, finding the right person for the job is crucial and can be a deciding factor in the cost of the job.

Comparing and finding the right company will help you save money and increase your return on investment.

Keep the design simple

Complicated patterns can add a lot to the budget and quickly add to costs.

Keeping your designs simple and avoiding borders and walls can save a lot of money.

Despite this, these designs could increase the value of your home and make the property stand out in the market, generating a higher return.

Do it yourself

Doing the project yourself is a great way to save money and can help you learn a valuable skill.

Using how-to guides and YouTube tutorials can be a good place to start.

However, this is time consuming and is best done by professionals.


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