Actor Idris Elba has addressed speculation that he could be the new James Bond when Daniel Craig steps down from the role.

Elba said he will continue to play troubled detective John Luther, but will not take on the role of James Bond.

On Tuesday, he spoke at the World Government Summit in Dubai, citing ongoing discussions about his takeover as Ian Fleming’s notorious British spy.

Those had grown stronger after the demise of Daniel Craig as Bond in the franchise’s 25th movie called No Time To Die.

Newham Recorder: Idris Elba has said he will not play the role of the next James BondIdris Elba has said he will not play the role of the next James Bond (Image: Bradley Collyer/PA)

Idris Elba says he will not take on the role of James Bond

When Elba was asked about his next film based on the British series Luther, he clearly ruled out playing 007.

“It’s very dark,” Elba said of the series.

“We’ve been working on the TV show for about 10 years, so the natural ambition is to bring it to the big screen, which is why we’re here with the first movie.”

He added: “You know, a lot of people talk about another character that starts with ‘J’ and ends with ‘B’, but I’m not going to be that guy.

“I’m going to be John Luther. That is what I am.”

US theaters will see Luther: The Fallen Sun open on February 24, and it will stream on Netflix starting March 10.

Andy Serkis also co-stars and other actors in the television series.

Elba, 50, is known for a variety of television and film roles, ranging from Stringer Bell on the American television series The Wire to the recent film Beast.

Newham Recorder: The then Prince of Wales meets Daniel Craig upon arrival for the world premiere of Ki from No Time To DieThe then Prince of Wales meets Daniel Craig upon arrival for the world premiere of Ki from No Time To Die (Image: Chris Jackson/PA)

While on stage, Elba talked about The Heads Of State, an upcoming movie he’s working on with American actor and wrestler John Cena.

“He plays the American president.

“I play the British prime minister,” Elba said.

“We get into a mess.

“I’m very excited to do that because leadership comes in so many different forms.”

Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Dhowre Elba received an award for their work on food security in Africa at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in recent weeks.

The actor has also worked as an ambassador against crime with his Don’t Stab Your Future initiative in the UK, where he grew up in East London.

During his talk, Elba urged nations to invest more in creative industries, saying they can provide an economic engine that provides jobs for their youth.

In particular, he said that creative jobs could help countries in Africa a lot.

“I think Africa, especially as a continent, needs to keep a narrative, change a narrative,” he said.

Speaking about storytelling, Elba praised Dubai for its “incredible tourism history” that it has developed over the past decades.

A new real-estate boo is brewing in the city-state, fueled in part by Russian cash amid Moscow’s war on Ukraine.

“I think Dubai should win an Oscar because the (place) is amazing,” Elba said to applause.

“It’s a very, very good job and other countries should take note.”


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