Irish team selected to play the Youth International against England

Team Ireland will take on England Boxing in a youth double nation, following a training and development camp in Co. Mayo.

The camp will take place from April 3-8, will be organized by Ballina Boxing Club and will culminate in a two-nation tournament on Friday, April 7.

The Team Ireland squad includes 2023 under-18 national champions and silver medalists, while the Team England squad includes boxers from all regions: Yorkshire, East Midlands, London, Home Counties, North West and Southern Counties.

The IABA would like to extend its thanks to everyone at Ballina Boxing Club for organizing the training camp and tournament.

Table of Contents

team ireland


48kg Carleigh Irvine, Oakleaf BC

50kg Katie O’Keeffe, Kanturk, British Columbia

52kg Nicole Kinsella, St Mary’s NR BC

52Kg Esther Lambe, Setanta BC

60kg Ava Henry, Dublin Docklands

63kg Rebecca Kavanagh, Mulhuddart BC

66kg Gabrielle Mongan, Whitechurch BC

70kg Nell McLoughlin, Eagle BC


48kg Louis Rooney, BC Star, A

51 kg Patsy Joyce, L Olympic

51Kg James Graham, Clonard BC

54kg Martin McDonagh, Avona BC

57kg Sean Tyndall, Dublin Docklands

67kg Malo Davis, Monkstown D

75kg Troy Donnelly, Cherry Orchard BC

86 kg John Joyce, L Olympian

92+kg Brandon McKelvie, Ledley Hall BC


liam cunningham

Aoife Hennigan

james doyle

amanda spencer

england team


48kg Ebony Jones, Scunthorpe BC

50kg Alice Pumphrey, The Purge BC

50kg Dionne Mannion, Marden BC

52kg Lauren Mackie, Burton Park BC

60kg Monae Smith, Jennings BC

63kg Madison Adkins, Stratford Upon Avon BC

66kg Amy Nolan, Right Stuff BC

70kg Lilly Deacon, Platinum BC

81 kg Amber Birch Moss, Golden Ring BC


48kg John Tom Varey, Box Smart Elite BC

51kg Joe Turner, Jennings BC

51kg Zayne Ahmed, Pinewood Starr, British Columbia

54kg Owen Ketley, Lionheart BC

57kg Denaeo George, Leicester City Lightning

67kg Ellis Panter, Burton Park BC

75kg Emmanuel Buttigieg, Newham BC

86kg Conor McCormack, BC Panthers

92+kg Leon Hughes, Alerces and Savick

Head Trainer: Amanda Coulson

Coach: Mick Maguire

Coach: Jason Gledhill

Coach: Carl Ellis

Coach/Accompanist Kerry Chalk


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