Jon Snow: I’m completely cool with late parenthood

Jon Snow has said he is “completely cool” with becoming a father again at 70.

The veteran broadcaster, 75, and his wife, Zimbabwean academic Precious Lunga, welcomed a baby boy via surrogate in March 2021 after struggling with “medical setbacks and miscarriages.”

He also has two daughters from his three-decade relationship with human rights lawyer Madeleine Colvin.

The former Channel 4 News presenter told publication Saga Exceptional: “There are three very little people in my life: two grandchildren, aged one and three, and a son, Tafara, who is two and five.

“Having him (Tafara) was not easy, but we persisted because, at 48, my wife is much younger than me and she wanted and deserved a baby very much.

“When he was born, life felt complete.

“I am completely comfortable with late parenthood. I don’t feel like I’m going to drop it, I don’t feel exhausted.

“I have not found the relevant age for my relationship with my son or grandchildren. Is being a grandfather different from being a father? Not precisely. In the end, it’s all love, isn’t it?

Snow said he is “much more relaxed and present as a father” compared to his own father, George, who was an Anglican clergyman.

“He was the Bishop of Whitby – 6ft 7in tall and even taller in all his regalia,” he added.

“I’m 6-foot-4 now, but I was only 4-foot-6 when I was eight or nine, when it really mattered.

Serpentine Gallery Summer Party 2018 – London
Jon Snow and Precious Lunga at the Serpentine Summer Party 2018 (Ian West/PA)

“I found it pretty scary and remote at the time, and being sent to public school didn’t bring us any closer.

“The idea of ​​taking a child out of the family to educate him now seems crazy to me.

“How wonderful it could have been to sit down and do homework with my father. Not once was I able to say, ‘Dad, is two and two really four?’

“Her only involvement in my upbringing was to agree out loud with my teachers’ damning reports because, unlike Precious, who was educated at Cambridge and is the brainiac in our relationship, I wasn’t brilliant in school.”

Snow said that there are “many types of intelligence” and that his was the “raw animal type.”

He added: “He was good at picking up signals and understanding people. I made a career out of it.

“I’m sure my drive to succeed came from wanting to prove the naysayers, especially my parents, wrong. And they were certainly wrong.”

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