“Laughing gas addiction put me in a wheelchair, should be taken seriously”

A woman shared her warning after being unable to use her legs due to an addiction to “laughing gas” that led her to use 600 canisters a week.

Kerry-Anne Donaldson, 26, is wheelchair dependent after years of “abusing” nitrous oxide (NOS), also known as “laughing gas,” for years.

The former receptionist, from Newham, East London, says she started using NOS at parties when she was 18 and gradually increased her use.

One morning when she was 21, she says she woke up and couldn’t use her legs or hands.

Kerry-Anne now relies on a wheelchair to get around and manage her pain. She can’t walk without help.

Kerry-Anne Donaldson, 26, opened up about her addiction to nitrous oxide(SWNS)
Kerry-Anne Donaldson hopes her story serves as a warning to others(SWNS)

It comes as she backs stronger measures to make nitrous oxide a schedule C drug, which would make possession illegal.

Some activists say the latest government policy announcement will not stop people from taking it and will put the supply into criminal hands.


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