You are currently viewing Newham Council agrees to take over Wakeling Court for pioneering accommodation for vulnerable adults – Newham Council

Newham Council agrees to take over Wakeling Court for pioneering accommodation for vulnerable adults – Newham Council

Wakeling Court, pioneers in vulnerable adults

• Proposed acquisition to become the first scheme for Newham Living, a new high quality distinctive supported accommodation for vulnerable adults
• This supports the growing demand for nursing homes in the

At the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday 4th April, it was agreed to move forward with the purchase of Wakeling Court as an investment opportunity to build high quality supported accommodation for the Borough’s vulnerable residents.

The proposed acquisition forms part of the broader Building a Fairer Newham corporate strategy, which in particular enhances services for vulnerable adults. The quality and quantity of Vulnerable Adult Supported Accommodation available in Newham is currently not adequately meeting the needs of vulnerable residents with a 41% reduction in Care Home beds from 530 to 310 and a heavy reliance on district supply abroad.

Councilor Neil Wilson, Cabinet Member for Adults and Social Care, said: “Giving our vulnerable residents access to high-quality care is becoming a necessity in Newham. Along with the declining rate of bed provision, there is a real shortage of both stand-alone Supported Living schemes, particularly for those with great needs and/or physical disabilities, where currently 50% are outside the district.

“I welcome the Cabinet’s agreement to move forward with the Wakeling Court takeover, which will be a step forward in addressing this issue, but will also allow Newham to create a new benchmark for excellent accommodation for our vulnerable adults.”

The proposed plan for Wakeling Court will see the Council renovate the current 15 studio apartments, one one bedroom apartment, 7 bedrooms, offices, kitchens, lounges and several separate bathrooms into high quality accommodation for vulnerable adults in the district, becoming the first Newham Living Schemes that redefine quality, innovation and excellence for Newham residents.

The Cabinet has agreed to move forward with the acquisition of the freehold of Wakeling Court with a proposed completion date of September 2023. Corporate Director of Adults and Health, Jason Strelitz, in consultation with Senior Member of Adult Health and Social Services, Councilor Neil Wilson, have been delegated with the due diligence process of the acquisition, initiation and approval of an acquisition process for the complete renovation of the property.


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