Officers will slap parents with a £50 parking ticket if they are caught parking in zigzag lines outside schools

A neighborhood police team issued a stern warning to parents taking the school run.

Officers with the Middlesbrough Neighborhood Watch Team are cracking down on parents who park illegally during off-campus drop-off and pick-up times. A statement issued by the force has confirmed that officers will now issue tickets to anyone who uses the zigzag lines outside the playground to drop off their little ones.

Parents could be fined up to £50 for dangerous parking on switchbacks during school hours, or £30 for obstructing driveways. This comes as the Coulby Newham police team have been renewing their efforts in recent weeks to advise drivers on drop off and pick up times about illegal and dangerous parking.

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The force has said this has been a particular problem during the mornings and as a result tickets will be issued to anyone caught illegally parking in the future. He stressed that the safety of children was at the center of this new action and would continue to be so in the future.

In a statement, the Middlesbrough Neighborhood Watch Team said: “Officers will now issue tickets at schools.

“For several weeks officers from the Coulby Newham Police Team have renewed their efforts to advise motorists outside of schools during drop off and pick up times regarding illegal/dangerous parking. Mornings are particularly busy.

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“Our focus has always been the safety of our children. Going forward, we will now issue penalty notices for parking violations.


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