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      A Nottinghamshire woman’s bungalow is covered in mold after flooding from leaking pipes

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 14, 2023

      A Rushcliffe woman says her ‘pride and joy’ bungalow is now covered in mold because her housing company has failed to fix water damage due to leaking pipes. Barbara Bishop, 65, has lived in her bungalow for ten years and says she “loves” it there.

      Their home is situated in the small town of Barton on Fabis and is managed by Metropolitan Trent Valley Housing (MTVH). Mrs. Bishop says that her problems began just before Christmas, when she says the freezing weather caused a leak in the pipes and water tank in her loft that eventually flooded her entire bungalow.

      Barbara Bishop says she has since had to throw away her personal belongings and that some of her neighbors had to come into her house in wellington boots to clean up the mess, and the water was reportedly four inches deep at one point. . It is understood that the leak may have been caused by a loose gasket, rather than a frozen pipe.

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      MTVH dispatched a plumber and electrician immediately after the flood to fix the leak, and the company also supplied a dehumidifier. But Barbara Bishop says: “No one has done anything since Christmas and no worker has set foot here.

      “They’ve ignored my whole situation where I’m sitting here in a wet bungalow and my clothes and bed are getting more and more wet. This bungalow used to be my pride and joy, but now it’s all wet.”

      “Hallway wallpaper is hanging and mold is spilling everywhere like there’s no tomorrow. Actually, I was cleaning mold off the walls, but one of my friends said I should stop because MVTH needs to see how bad it is.” is”.


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