VAR has been in the spotlight this week, following a controversial weekend. And while Nottingham Forest weren’t directly affected this time around, a report has suggested they may have plenty of grievances when it comes to technology.

Mistakes made in Arsenal’s 1-1 draw with Brentford and Crystal Palace’s draw with Brighton and Hove Albion had significant consequences. Lee Mason’s VAR failed to detect an offside in the build-up to the Bees’ equalizer at Emirates Stadium, while Brighton had a goal mistakenly disallowed when offside lines were drawn against the wrong defender.

The errors led Howard Webb, director of refereeing for Professional Game Match Officials Limited, to contact the Gunners and Seagulls to acknowledge and explain them. Webb then called a meeting of all Premier League officials at Stockley Park in the wake of the incidents as he sought to identify what went wrong. Mason has not been selected for VAR service for the next round of Premier League matches.

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Forest has been on the receiving end of many controversial VAR decisions this season. And it is that, according to Cuatro Cuatro Dos, without the intervention of the VAR they would be in the upper half of the table.

It’s impossible to say for sure how the outcome of matches would be affected, of course. But the numbers have been analyzed based on “defining moments”. The report explains: “If a player receives a penalty from VAR and marks it, we take it away. If a player had a goal disallowed by VAR, we added it. We can’t do much more than that without things getting really technical.”

The table was put together ahead of Liverpool’s derby win over Everton on Monday night. But this is what Four Four Two says it would look like without VAR.


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