Ant and Dec Saturday Night Takeaway backlash as fans ‘complain to Ofcom’ over ‘inappropriate’ comment

Ant and Dec returned this weekend with their ITV series Saturday Night Takeaway, but things took a surprising turn when, just minutes into the broadcast, fans began to complain. As viewers expected, the duo pulled a series of pranks on audience members, and even This Morning host Alison Hammond. But fans have threatened to complain to broadcast regulator Ofcom after a particular comment made on the show.

It was clear the comedy duo were delighted to be back on the screens as they energetically introduced the show and welcomed guest host David Tennant, The Express reports.

However, some viewers claimed they were going to complain to Ofcom after a comment Dec made about a member of the studio audience. When David introduced the comedy duo, Dec yelled, “We’re still the only show on TV that says, don’t just watch the ads, earn them.” “What an audience we have tonight, it’s so good to be back,” Ant continued.

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“Let’s say hello to our first guest star on the series, he starred in Doctor Who and Harry Potter, it’s David Tennant.”

Dec continued, “Now David, I need to talk to you about this, it’s been getting a lot of press coverage. And I just wanted to let you know how excited we are to have you return to one of the most prestigious roles of your entire life.” race this year.”

“Well, I don’t want to say who I’m playing,” the actor replied. Needless to say, I go back in time and come back as…”


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