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      Ashfield MP Lee Anderson denies claims he supports far-right groups after photos surfaced online

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 14, 2023

      Ashfield MP Lee Anderson has denied claims that he supports far-right groups. It comes after photos of the Tory MP and members of the Skegby Scooter Club were posted online.

      Anderson, who was promoted to vice-chairman of the Conservative Party earlier this month, was pictured handing out trophies at the club’s annual awards. One of the scooter club members admitted to being a member of the British National Party (BNP) 25 years ago.

      Another was photographed wearing a white supremacist ’90s punk band T-shirt. Anderson has now spoken out and insisted that he “does not support any far-right group.”

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      Mr Anderson said: “I met Skegby Scooter Club on three occasions. First, when they helped me raise £4,000 for a disabled pensioner in Ashfield who needed his rat-infested flat fumigated and new furniture installed. Second, they helped me raise £1200 to send a local youngster to Italy to compete in the European MMA Finals Third, the club invited me to present trophies at their annual event.

      “On all three occasions I took photos with dozens of people. Interestingly, I didn’t ask each and every person if they had far-right connections, I only took photos of myself at events. I won’t insult people by asking about their past before taking photos at charity events.

      “I do not support any far-right groups and deplore all forms of racism, including white supremacy. The depths to which some people will go to sully my family name is incredible.”


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