Businesses on Nottingham’s historic street say trade is ‘fantastic’

Businesses along a historic Nottingham street say business is “fantastic” despite several store closures in recent months across the city. Angel Row is not believed to have been known as a shopping street until well into the 18th century, but it is now home to a number of pubs, restaurants and shops.

Recent challenges, including rising inflation and increased online shopping, have led to the closure of several Nottingham businesses in recent months. Nottinghamshire Live recently identified around 90 empty shops in the city centre.

But at Angel Row, some of its business owners say its niche offerings are helping them overcome the economic challenges many face. One of the companies that call Angel Row home is Element Games, a Warhammer games shop and workshop that also has branches in places like Manchester and Sheffield.

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The store manager is Ed Wilkins who said, “One of our main selling points is that we have very competitive prices compared to other outlets and in a cost of living crisis that obviously helps. Obviously this is a great location to step on.” and we just offer something a little different.”

A general view of Angel Row in Nottingham city centre.(Image: Joseph Raynor/Nottingham Post)

Customer service assistant Tom Bentley added: “When Henry Cavill declared himself a huge Warhammer fan, that really helped us. But overall I would say the trade has been fantastic and unlike a lot of hobby shops where there’s almost a pressure for someone to buy something, we’d rather someone come here, have a nice sailing and experience and then want to come back.”

Another of the businesses that gives Angel Row its diverse mix is ​​NGVape, which fronts Angel Row but is classified as part of the West End Arcade. Its manager, Kwan Lam, said: “Being in this area, we obviously benefit from having a lot of trade from college students and people commuting to and from work.


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