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      Former soldier ‘persecuted’ by protesters after speaking at Nottingham University

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 14, 2023

      A former soldier says a recent talk he gave at the University of Nottingham turned “dangerous” when some students reportedly chased him as he left campus. Yoseph Haddad says he had to be escorted out of the university through a back entrance out of fear for his safety.

      But Haddad says that on his journey from the university to Nottingham train station, some students chased the car carrying him and his fiancée. Yoseph Haddad is a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israel’s national military organization.

      After being wounded in the Second Lebanon War, Haddad says he wanted to dedicate his life to improving relations between Israel and neighboring Palestine. The conflict between the two countries evolved into its modern phase from 1948, when the creation of the state of Israel was declared and the ensuing war left swaths of territory divided between Israel and Palestine.

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      Tensions over these territories remain as high as ever, with the United Nations reporting a “sharp increase” in deaths towards the end of last year. As part of his stated goal of bridging the gap between the two sides, Yoseph Haddad has been touring various universities to share his perspective on the longstanding conflict.

      He recently toured a number of UK universities as part of this and gave a lecture at the University of Nottingham’s Park Campus on February 8th. Mr Haddad’s talk, entitled “Life in Israel as an Arab”, was organized by the University of Nottingham Conservative Association and delivered in conjunction with the charity Stand With Us UK, which aims to fight anti-Semitism. in the United Kingdom.

      The talk was interrupted when several students started protesting right after Haddad started speaking, with around 100 of them coming out voicing their objections to Israel’s actions and labeling it an “apartheid state”. Haddad said: “I managed to do the whole lecture, but some students started protesting after I greeted them and I wanted to start.


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