Help for ‘vulnerable’ sex workers in Nottingham thanks to charity funding

Extra money will be used to support vulnerable women working in the sex industry in Nottingham. POW Nottingham, a Radford-based charity, offers a range of help and advice to those working in the sex industry, supporting online and off-street workers, students, under-25s and LGBTQ+ workers.

Safer Streets is supporting POWs by funding the outreach work of two staff members to prevent them from harm. POW works with hard-to-reach people who are vulnerable to issues including drug dependency, coercion, and exploitation.

Outreach sessions are held three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights in a van specially equipped to interact with street workers. They provide food, harm minimization supplies such as clean needles and blades, incident reporting support, as well as general advice and signage to relevant services.

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They also distribute other basic necessities such as warm clothing, umbrellas, gloves and hot drinks. Prisoners of war can also perform some sexual health screenings in their van for those who have difficulty accessing sexual health services.

In addition to providing safety resources for users of the service, it also gives POWs the opportunity to get the latest information on dangerous and harmful drugs or people so they can further protect the community from potential harm. Rose Curl, Police Liaison Officer at POW, said: “Outreach is one of the best ways to get first contact with customers.

“We are in their environment and we maintain and create great connections. We can find out if there has been violence, get a lot of information about questionable drugs that we can then feed back and we can see what the crises are.” so that we can support and refer to other services.


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