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The Showdown SBCs have returned to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with Brazilian attacker Matheus Cunha representing Wolves ahead of their clash against Nottingham Forrest in the Premier League. Both teams are in the bottom half of the league table and this encounter will play a crucial role in their battle against potential relegation. With the FUT Birthday promotion in full swing on FIFA 23, the latest set of Showdown cards has also been given a unique twist.

The player on the winning team will not only receive a +2 boost to their overall rating, but will also be upgraded to a five-star weak foot. This adds a whole new dynamic to the SBC, making it more exciting for players around the world.

Showdown Matheus Cunha is now available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Wolverhampton Wanderers, popularly known as Wolves, have earned the admiration of football fans with their strong performances in the Premier League in recent years. However, they are currently in the bottom half of the league table and face potential relegation, especially with their recent string of negative results.

Their next opponents Nottingham Forrest were recently promoted to the Premier League and are also struggling in the league. This FIFA 23 Showdown SBC has come at the perfect time, as the stakes are higher than ever before for their future matchup.

How to unlock Showdown Matheus Cunha in FIFA 23?

The SBC consists of two segments with the following stipulations and requirements:

Premier league

  • Number of Premier League players: Minimum one
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 85

full form

  • Team of the Week Players: Minimum one
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 86

The overall expected cost of the Matheus Cunha SBC is around 195,000 FUT Coins, which is understandable considering the exorbitant price of highly rated fodder cards on the FIFA 23 transfer market.

Is it worth completing the SBC?

The 88-rated Showdown Matheus Cunha possesses the following attributes in his non-enhanced form:

  • Pace: 90
  • Dribble: 90
  • Shot: 87
  • Defense: 40
  • Passing: 82
  • Physicality: 81

With these stats, along with a combination of four-star skill moves and a four-star weak foot, Cunha has the potential to be overpowered on the virtual field. The former Atlético Madrid attacker already has the necessary attributes to be a viable attacking option for Premier League teams in FIFA 23 UItimate Team.

With the new FUT Birthday-style upgrade system, if Wolves manage to pull off a win against Nottingham Forrest, Cunha will receive the coveted five-star weak foot ability, as well as a +2 boost to his overall rating and stats. This will transform you into a deadly shooter capable of dribbling past the opposition and scoring at will.

While the SBC is anything but cheap, it’s definitely a worthwhile proposition for players looking to add a Brazilian attacker to their ranks in FUT 23.

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