Man Reveals ‘Kids Only’ Baby Pact He Made With His Wife

A woman has been left in stitches after her brother revealed he is having a child because he made a “boys only” pact with his wife. The sister explained how her brother and her wife have been trying to conceive, but even though they are not pregnant yet, they already “know” the gender of the baby.

His “delusional” brother believes that his future child will be a boy, simply because he made his wife verbally agree to “just have children.” The sister said on Reddit: “I looked at him in bewilderment and commented ‘You know you don’t have a voice, right?’

“He said yes, but both he and his wife agree to only have male children…as if that agreement determined the sex of the child and not the speed of his sperm.”

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Instead of explaining basic biology to him, she decided to watch and wait for him to figure it out for himself. But, she is still waiting, The Mirror reports.

“I hope he only has girls. I feel like that’s his karma to have a house full of women so he can learn to be a better man,” he added. “I love my brother and he white knights for feminist issues. He’s super progressive, as is his wife, so this was a bit of a surprise.”

The woman went on to say that while her brother “tries and rages at overt sexism,” he is “actually pretty sexist to his core.” She added: “But seriously, ‘just guys’, he’s delusional.”


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