Marshalls, from Sutton on Trent, bus driver fined for parking at bus stop on Mount Street, Nottingham

A shared minibus driver has been fined for parking at a bus stop, which he has been using for years.

Jacob Marshall is a driver for Marshalls of Sutton-on-Trent and regularly drives into Nottingham city center to drop off and pick up passengers.

On March 16, Jacob returned to the minibus to find that he had been fined £70.

Ticketed bus on Mount Street, Nottingham (63160196)

The minibus was parked at the bus stop on Mount Street, which is one of the only bus stops in the center where parking is allowed.

“It was properly parked as a bus, at a bus stop, as many of our vehicles, also buses, have been for years,” Jacob wrote in a letter to Nottingham City Council.


“Unlike a lot of things these days, it identifies as a bus, because it really is a bus.

“So when is a bus not a bus? What if in a world of self-identification it identifies as a bus? And does Nottingham council want to encourage or discourage visitors?”

The vehicle is taxed as a bus, requires a license and is used as a bus for the transport of passengers.

Ticketed bus on Mount Street, Nottingham (63160199)

The fine would be reduced to £35 if paid within seven days, although Jacob has decided to appeal the fine because he believes in his right to park in the spot he has occupied for years.

“If the council has found a magical way to not classify a bus as a bus, we would love to hear about it, as we will no longer need a bus license to drive it and that would perhaps help with our bus driver shortage and hiring. added Mr. Marshall.

A Nottingham City Council spokesperson said: “All bus stops are hop-on, hop-off buses only, including minibuses, and officers will always give an observation period of ten minutes or more if necessary, if passengers board and get off the bus.

“However, parking at a bus stop is not permitted and in this instance it was observed that the vehicle was left for more than ten minutes with no driver or passengers present, for which a fine was issued.

“However, we have since revoked it because one of the signs in the area had been flipped, which we accepted might have led to some confusion. This has been corrected and therefore anyone using this space to park can expect to receive a penalty notice.”


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