A baby loss charity that has supported more than 1,000 families in Nottingham says they will be forced to close if they don’t find enough funds. SiMBA says it will have to close its doors in three months if they can’t raise £50,000.

The charity, which supports bereaved parents during the loss of a baby, was established in 2005. They have supported over 50,000 individuals and families in the UK and Ireland by providing invaluable support during the critical time of loss.

SiMBA works with hospitals including Nottingham University Hospital and Queen’s Medical Centre. The combination of an increase in requests for Memory Boxes from hospitals across the UK in 2022, a significant shortfall in expected fundraising revenue and the sky-high costs of producing, distributing and donating them, has left the charity desperately low funds.

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John Webb and his partner Kate Lowery from Nottingham received help from SiMBA after the deaths of their three babies between 2020 and 2022. John said: “Over the births and deaths of our three children, we find that keepsake boxes are vital to our support. . Although you leave the hospital without your baby, you may leave with some keepsakes and keepsakes that you can treasure. The emotional impact of having something tangible is hard to put into words.

“Without SiMBA’s work, we would have left the hospital empty-handed and without support to start thinking about what memories you can create in the hospital. We are very grateful for their work.”

Despite an urgent appeal early last December, SiMBA still needs to raise £50,000 to keep it running. Sara Fitzsimmons, CEO and Co-Founder of SiMBA, said: “Our wonderful charity, so cherished and loved by the thousands of families who have received our support over the years, is now in trouble.


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