Nottingham community group complains to police after council ‘tears down posters’

The chairman of a Nottingham community group complained to police after claiming council staff tore down posters on his building. Phil Merry says he was told during a meeting on February 7 that if the Mapperley Community Association did not hand over the keys, they could be evicted from the Mapperley Community Center on Woodborough Road, which they have used since 1957.

Following that meeting, the Mapperley Community Association placed four posters outside the building to “raise awareness” of the possibility of eviction. It later emerged that Nottingham City Council appeared to change their position during a meeting on 8 March.

During that meeting, Merry says the council said eviction was “never an option.” Instead, Phil Merry says the council is willing to negotiate the signing of a new lease that will bring the Mapperley Community Association to a commercial rental level.

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But Merry says the uncertainty surrounding the initial eviction threat has cost the group around £4,000. Now, Mr Merry says he complained to Nottinghamshire police after he said he saw Nottingham City Council employees tearing down their banners.

He says that it happened on March 16 and that he saw it on the security cameras and that he was absent at the time. He said: “In total these posters cost us around £260 to produce.

“The only reason we did them is because the council threatened to evict us. We’re already out of pocket for that, so I was furious to see the council come to tear up the signs without warning.”


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