Nottingham’s local conservative group is said to be “in hot water” over a dispute that has led to the resignation of the city council leader. The Conservative Party currently has just two members on Nottingham City Council, but as it stands, neither of them will be on the ballot in May’s local elections.

One of the councillors, Roger Steel, has not been chosen again by the local party as a candidate in a move that he says has left him “hanging”. Andrew Rule, the leader of the Conservative Group on Nottingham City Council, has announced that he will not stand in the upcoming election in protest of the party’s treatment of Roger Steel.

The issue began last September, when the Nottingham City Conservative Federation held a Zoom meeting to start the process of selecting their candidates for this year’s election. When the question of having Roger Steel as the Conservative candidate again in the Clifton West district came up, four people voted in favour, but one person voted to defer this decision.

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Roger Steel says he was unaware of this meeting and that under the rules and regulations adopted in 2022, a postponement is not allowed. So a face-to-face interview panel was convened last year and ended up with three people voting for Roger Steel’s re-election but three voting against, with the tied vote meaning he will not be a candidate in the May. just as he is.

Councilor Steel, who says he has never been given a reason for his deselection, unsuccessfully appealed against the decision but says he continues to press the federation to reinstate him in the selection process. He says he too wants Jim Armstrong reinstated in the selection process, as Armstrong was previously elected as Wollaton West councilor in 2015.

Speaking on the federation’s current position, Roger Steel said: “Together with Andrew Rule, we have doubled the (Conservative) majority and both have strong personal supporters, as you would expect from sitting councillors. Outlook for both in May Elections they were encouraging.


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